Never see a need without doing something about it

Never see a need without doing something about it.

School Information


Borinya is a registered Co-educational, Specialist and Secondary Catholic school which operates with the consent of the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst and is owned and operated by Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited (CES Ltd).

Borinya offers young people between the ages of twelve to eighteen an opportunity to reconnect with their education in a supportive learning community. This is enacted through individual learning plans developed in collaboration with the young person and their parent/carers.

Borinya is a transition school that works in partnership with students, parents/carers and mainstream schools to provide an opportunity for the young person to re-engage with their education by either returning to their referring school or to another vocational education facility.

This Enrolment Policy is part of the Enrolment Framework approved by the Board of Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited (CES Ltd Board) which must be followed by all Sandhurst Catholic schools.

Please refer to the Enrolment Framework and Enrolment Policy in the section Key Policies, and Documents

In addition to the CES Ltd Enrolment Framework, Borinya (WCP) being a specialist setting has specific requirements when considering an enrolment. Please see below the stages of the enrolment process.

Stage 1 – School Tour 

Contact made by referring school, service, agency or parent/guardian and school tour

Where practicable the referring school/service/agency should accompany the young person on this initial tour.

Stage 2 – Initial interview

An initial interview will take place with the Learner Diversity Coordinator and Leadership team member. This should include: the student, parent/guardian and a representative from referring agency/school.

Stage 3 – Information Collection

The referring party is requested to furnish Borinya WCP with all relevant documentation concerning the young person. This includes but is not limited to NCCD Funding details, Cognitive/Psychological reports, School based assessments and evidence of adjustments.

Stage 4 – Professional’s/Enrolment Panel Meeting

Advise/ make recommendations to Principal re suitability of enrolment
Principal, Social Worker, Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Leader, Learner Diversity will meet to discuss potential enrolment to determine suitability of Borinya for the needs presented.

Stage 5 – Formal Enrolment Meeting

The enrolment interview will be conducted by the Learning Diversity Coordinator, Principal and/or Wellbeing team member.
The interview will include: Completion of all formal enrolment documentation

Stage 6 – Enrolment

A letter confirming acceptance is provided to the student/family and the referring
school/agency. It will explain that enrolment is for an initial six (6) month period.

Students not accepted for enrolment at this time will either be placed on the waiting list or will be informed why Borinya is unable to accept their enrolment.

Parent Access Module – An Online Platform for parent access to the following areas:

  • Allow Permissions to Excursions/Camps  
  • Parent Notified Absences  
  • Commendations received from Staff  
  • Student Reports  
  • Student Messages / Upcoming events 
  • Update Medical plans or details of your child  
  • Student timetable  
  • Email Staff


Wherever your next steps have taken you, we would love to hear from you!

We are inviting past students to connect with Borinya to share their pathways, learnings and life adventures after leaving Borinya. We would love to be able to spotlight past students post Borinya pathways and celebrate their achievements and milestones.

Here are some of the ideas to build our alumni community:

  • Find and connect with alumni
  • Invite alumni back to school to inspire students about study and career pathways
  • Invite alumni to provide life skills experience for our students 

That’s a snapshot of what we do. There’s a lot more involved in building an alumni community that keeps growing, decade after decade, generation after generation.

To find out more about the alumni  services we offer to schools please email