Never see a need without doing something about it

Never see a need without doing something about it.

New gym equipment

Borinya would like to say a huge thank you and appreciation to “The Primary Club of Australia” who donated our wonderful fitness equipment for our students health and wellbeing.

The Primary Club of Australia shared an article about their visit to Borinya on their website:

Former PCA Committeeman Linton Ritchie, along with Helen Watson, visited the Borinya Community Partnership School in Wangaratta, VIC, to view the recently-installed outdoor gym equipment, funded by the Primary Club.  In his report to the Principal, Linton said: “I am proud to see the playground equipment being used often and providing the facility for students to let off steam.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to also see and hear about the school.  Its programme supervised by your dedicated staff was inspiring.  It is obviously all about establishing and maintaining relationships and clearly that approach is working.”