Never see a need without doing something about it

Never see a need without doing something about it.

About Us


Borinya is a diverse and supportive learning community inspired by the Catholic story.


At Borinya we WALK together with Courage, Resilience, Inclusiveness and Curiosity.

We recognise that relationship is at the heart of learning.

We will provide each student with an education that meets their needs and supports their future goals.

Student Outcomes

At Borinya we want our students to:

Be inspired by the Catholic story of caring for our common home.

Be courageous Рby daring to learn, learning to change. 

Be resilient – by seeing all challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Be inclusive – by working together to embrace and celebrate our differences.

Be curious – by asking questions and being part of the answer.

How do our students feel about our school?

Watch this short film created by Borinya students with help from Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company to find out!